Upgraded ENT Services Now Available at Government Wenlock Hospital: Dr. Vishwa Vijetha S K

Mangalore: At the recent 153rd episode of the 'Hallo Wenlock' Live Phone-In Programme, Dr. Vishwa Vijetha S.K., an expert from the ENT department of Government Wenlock Hospital, Mangalore, shed light on the array of ENT facilities available at the hospital. Dr. Vijeth delved into the intricacies of ear, nose, and throat health, emphasizing the critical importance of proper care and the potential consequences of neglect.

The ear is segmented into three parts - the outer, middle, and inner ear. The eardrum, particularly delicate and sensitive, is located within these segments. Vishwa Vijeth strongly advises against the insertion of any foreign particles or unauthorized liquids, as this could result in damage. An inadvertent mistake, such as introducing fluids or oils without a professional's guidance, could be detrimental. The nose, a pivotal organ with an intricate network of fine nerves, can be prone to issues like sinusitis. Engaging in acts like inserting pins or any foreign objects into the nostril isn't just harmful; it's dangerous. Such actions can inflict serious, sometimes irreversible, damage.

Throat issues should always be addressed by ENT specialists, as per Dr. Vijetha's recommendations. Resorting to local physicians might not always provide the expertise required for specific ENT conditions. Bad habits like smoking or chewing tobacco can lead to various infections, which if left untreated, can escalate. Dr. Vijeth also emphasized the importance of adhering to prescriptions, especially when antibiotics are involved. Self-medication or arbitrary tablet consumption without a proper prescription is discouraged. Following a doctor's guidance ensures optimal recovery and overall health.

In essence, the Government Wenlock Hospital, under the vigilant care of professionals like Dr. Vijeth, is well-equipped to handle a spectrum of ENT issues, ensuring the community's health and well-being.

-RJ Roshan Crasta