Dr. Keerthan Ranga Nayak U: Addresses Cross Foot and its Solutions

Dr. Keerthan Ranga Nayak U, the renowned orthopedic specialist at Government Wenlock Hospital in Mangalore, delivered an enlightening talk on "Cross Foot and Solutions" during the 157th episode of the Hallo Wenlock Program, which took place on October 20.

Cross Foot, a condition that can be detected in children even before birth, was the primary focus of Dr. Keerthan's discussion. He emphasized the importance of early intervention, asserting that corrective surgery should be performed within the first seven days of a child's life. Fortunately, this surgical procedure is not overly invasive, typically involving the application of a plaster cast to the affected foot for approximately six weeks, equating to a month and a half. Commonly referred to as "Devil's Foot," this condition can be effectively addressed through this method.